1km 2km 3km Plywood Drum Adss Armored Multimode Fiber Optic Cable

Special tube filling compound ensure a critical protection of fiber
Crush resistance and flexibility
PSP enhancing moisture-proof
Two parallel steel wires ensure tensile strength
Small diameter, light weight and friendly installation
Storage / Operating Temperature: -40℃~+70℃

  • BT-PON
  • Guangdong
  • 10000 Unit/Units per Month
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Product Description:

The structure of GYTS is to sheath 250um optical fiber into a loose tube made of high modulus material, and the loose tube is filled with waterproof compound. The center of the cable core is a metal reinforced core. For some fiber optic cables, a layer of polyethylene needs to be squeezed outside the metal reinforced core. The loose tube and the filling rope are twisted around the central reinforcing core to form a compact and circular cable core, and the gaps in the cable core are filled with water blocking fillers. 

The 250μm fiber is positioned in a loose tube made of a high modulus plastic. The tubes are filled with a water-resistant filling compound. The tube is wrapped with a layer of PSP longitudinally. Between the PSP and the loose tube water-blocking material is applied to keep the cable compact and watertight. Two parallel steel wires are placed at the two sides of the steel tape. The parallel steel wires are placed at the two sides tape. The cable is completed with a polyethylene (PE) sheath.

Cable Performance Parameter
Span meter200300400
Related Strength Tension(RTS)17.5 kn20.6 kn28 kn
Max Allowable Tension(MAT)6.9 kn8.2 kn11.5 kn
Allowable Crush ResistanceLong Term: 1100     n/100mmLong Term: 1100     n/100mmLong Term: 1100     n/100mm
Short Term: 2200     n/100mmShort Term: 2200     n/100mmShort Term: 2200     n/100mm
Minimum Bending RadiusOperating: 220 mmOperating: 220 mmOperating: 220 mm
Installlation: 360 mmInstalllation: 360 mmInstalllation: 360 mm
Temperature RangeOperating:  -40 /+70℃Operating:  -40 /+70℃Operating:  -40 / +70℃
Installlation:  -15 / +60℃Installlation:  -15 / +60℃Installlation:  -15 / +60℃
Out Sheath MaterialElectrical Resistance AT (Borealis material 6081) Sheath
Noteice accretion 5MM,weed speed:30M/S

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