A team-building in 2023

The 2023 annual meeting and team building activities were successfully concluded and achieved great success.


The annual meeting started with the leader's New Year's speech. Everyone celebrated the new year together and discussed the forward-looking plan for the company's future development. In addition, there were singing performances, lottery draws, distribution of red envelopes, various entertainment programs, dinner toasts, etc. The activities were colorful and the atmosphere was warm. Everyone fully felt the warmth and friendship of a family.


Team building activities were also very successful. During the activity, there were set up items such as team PK, teamwork, business competition, group browsing of the graduation wall, etc. Through teamwork, everyone communicated with each other, learned from each other, made progress together, enhanced team awareness, mobilized enthusiasm, and made the participants feel exhausted. also received great satisfaction.


In general, the 2023 annual meeting and team building activities came to a successful conclusion. Everyone gained growth and insights, and felt the strength of the team and the importance of collaboration. All members have a new look, full of vitality, and are full of expectations for the future development of the company .

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